Hearing a whistle

Hearing a whistle




I was all alone in a dark room I heard whistles and I tried to scream but I couldn't I tried to kick the door open but it was to hard.

So I say there covering my ears from the noise I saw this ugly deceased face I didn't know him he opened the gate and I ran away I fell then I woke up.


Hello Kamogelo,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It must have frightened you but it carries a very profound message. Indeed, you will be confronted with unexpected facts.

Your subconscious mind invites you to pay special attention to certain aspects of your life. I will explain in detail the meaning of your dream.

To begin with, dreaming of being locked in a room can reveal financial instability. In this case, this dream sends you a warning signal to change your habits by limiting your expenses.

Moreover, if at first you are unable to escape, it is because you are emotionally trapped without finding a way out. So don't make any decision in a hurry, without maturing it first.

This is also a sign of low self-esteem. Perhaps you have had experiences in the past that are preventing you from moving forward. This is the time to take charge of your life.

The dark room symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in your life. However, to begin this new era, it is essential to use the mistakes of the past to learn from them.

If you hear whistling in your dream, it is a sign that someone is trying to warn you of impending danger. You may be going in the wrong direction, so be very careful.

In the next part of your dream, you see a hideous dead person that you do not know. This is a representation of your desire to regain your self-confidence as you are currently experiencing a difficult situation that you are having difficulty accepting.

If you finally manage to escape, it means that the course of your life will take a new turn.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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