Dog and bird on a balcony

Dog and bird on a balcony




I went to the balcony when I got home.

Between a small wooden fence, which I have, and a glass wall that separates my balcony from the neighbor's, there was a dog that did not know where it had come from.

To make me understand, the dog was trapped between this small wooden fence and the glass wall that separates the two balconies.

There had to be, also, an Agaporni that I had had years ago and that died. The Agaporni was gone. At first, I thought it had been eaten by the dog.

But, then, not content with this first thought, I started looking for the Agaporni. And, he was nowhere to be found. In my search, I made several maneuvers.

Among them, I plugged a device (I don't remember which one it was) into a socket on my neighbors' balcony, next to their window, behind the glass wall that separates our balconies.


Hello Clau,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It can be confusing to dream about a dog and a bird. You may have tried to make sense of the outcome, but were unable to do so.

We want to reassure you that this dream will bring about sudden but positive changes in your life.

Indeed, your dream is revealing, liberating and therefore saving. It deals first of all with the subject of a dog giving you the impression of being stuck.

This situation gives information about your personality traits. You are a beautiful, sensitive person who struggles to impose yourself in a noisy and conflicting world.

Know now that the feeling of loneliness you are experiencing is probably not real, you need to let go and take the time to assert yourself.

There is nothing wrong with being privileged and protected, on the contrary. You should then choose to respect the company of this stuck dog, because it is not hostile.

You will have to make peace with this dog, to make it an ally in order to magically find the favors of your agaporni who illustrates through your dream, your fears, your past divisions and various other traumas.

Clau, once you have found your marks, once this famous dog has been translated into a companion, you will be able to find your bird, which in reality is only an illustration of your hopes, your joys, your freedom, all that life still has to offer you.

Give yourself the opportunity to show the world the most authentic version of yourself. It is up to you to be fulfilled.

This dream sounds like a trigger. Don't wait any longer, live, be true, breathe happiness, you deserve it.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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