A multi-level house in search of a person

A multi-level house in search of a person




I keep dreaming about a random house, I do not know this house but I am having to find my husband who seems to be missing. Then when I do find him he's not my husband but some random man I do not know.

I am having to get to know this man am try to convince him to trust me and get to know me. I think we eventually fall in love but I do not know.

I can never see who this man is but it's not my husband. I got the name Byron last night but in my dream that's not the man I wanted or the man I was looking for.

The house had multiple levels but nothing really inside of it and it doesn't impose or give off any negative fear. I am just having to work really hard at finding what ever I'm looking for.


Hello Maxine,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. You are currently experiencing total confusion in your life. Your unconscious wants to reveal to you your physical and psychological state, and the meaning you wish to give to your life. I will explain to you in detail the meaning of your dream.

Dreaming of a house is a symbol of your current situation and the state of your mind. It is also a sign of your fear of the unknown.

And since you are dreaming of an unknown house, it means that you have great determination to move forward in life. Your fighting qualities will bring you pleasant surprises on all fronts.

Your presence in this house is also a sign that there are aspects of your personality and thoughts that you constantly repress. For your well-being, it becomes urgent to face them in order to move forward.

The empty house reveals a feeling of total insecurity. Perhaps you are considering ending a relationship. Your subconscious is inviting you to make a choice.

In your dream, the house with several levels symbolizes your ambitions. So the more levels you have, the greater your ambitions.

If you are later looking for your lost husband, this may reveal your fear of ending your life alone without finding your ideal partner.

Similarly, you have certain doubts that prevent you from projecting yourself in your couple. It is possible that the lack of affection is the main cause. This situation leads you to ask for more support from your partner.

Finally, your subconscious mind tells you that positive things are coming up in your life. And if your relationship is on the rocks, you may want to communicate with each other to get a better understanding.


Anne Anne



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