The alleys of the village

The alleys of the village




I need to get to a destination. I am in a village with cobblestones. I am walking in alleys going up. I am still exhausted.

I arrive at an intersection, I know I must not make a mistake, I am sure of the direction I am taking and finally I am wrong. I am exhausted because I have to walk and I cannot turn back.

So I continue my way. I wake up exhausted.


Hello Corinne,

Thank you for telling us about your dream. It is normal to be curious about its explanation, especially since you woke up exhausted. Let's find out together what your dream is about.

At first glance, the dream revolves around alleys, especially in a village. The dream of the village, taken alone, means an imposition to follow conventions.

That is, you will go through a moment of deprivation and you will be forced to make do with what you have at that moment.

We put a point of honor on the aspect ''to cross''. It is temporary, just as your ''passage'' through this village indicates.

If you are someone who is naturally not very social, the symbol could also be seen as a strong desire to socialize more than usual.

Secondly, the alleys with cobblestones in a dream mean that you will have to overcome difficulties.

Moving forward, even when tired, ensures that you will have the determination to face them.

Corinne, the good thing is the walking. Walking through these alleys is a revelation of certain success. You will finally get out of the difficulties.

Besides, the streets are seen as our destiny, the path of our life. That you walk on this road means that you progress in life.

On the other hand, you have taken the wrong path in your dreams, thinking you were going in the right direction. This aspect implies that there is an area in which you are going the wrong way. And the solution is not to turn back, but rather to reorient yourself.

Take a moment of discernment to review your aspirations. Everything should be fine with a little rethinking of where you are really going.

Take care of yourself.

Love to you,

Anne Anne



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