From my ex

From my ex




I almost never dream about him, but last night I dreamt about him, but I don't remember the conditions ...


Hello Cathy,

Dreaming about your ex, especially when it's something rare, can be a disturbing experience that leaves behind a range of feelings and questions.

Even if the details of the dream escape you, the fact that it has left its mark on your mind underlines the importance of this figure in your unconscious.

Dreaming of someone who has occupied a significant place in your past can reflect a variety of internal processes.

It may indicate that you are processing or revisiting aspects of your relationship with this person, perhaps to learn from them, to make peace with unresolved feelings, or simply because your mind is wandering through memories while you sleep.

Not remembering the specific conditions of the dream can also be significant.

It could suggest that, although this person's presence marks your subconscious, the precise details of your relationship or the reasons for their appearance in your dreams now are unclear or no longer as relevant.

It may also signify a certain emotional distance or disconnection from the past that this person represents.

Cathy, this dream can be seen as an invitation to explore your current feelings about this past relationship.

Are there things left unsaid, regrets, or perhaps aspects of this relationship that you still consider relevant to your personal development?

It may also be that this dream is simply a reflection of your mind, which, in times of stress or change, turns to familiar memories in search of comfort or reflection.

This dream offers you an opportunity for reflection, prompting you to consider where you are in the process of healing or evolving from this relationship.

It encourages you to acknowledge and accept your emotions, learn from past experiences, and move forward with a deeper understanding of yourself and your aspirations for the future.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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