Ceremony or feast

Ceremony or feast




I saw I was going out to a ceremony like a graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony, my girlfriend got on a public bus

I went on foot to another party where I was served a nice plate of well-stocked food and woke up.


Hello Jamesley,

Your dreamlike journey that begins with your presence at a landmark ceremony, such as a graduation ceremony.

This event signals both the conclusion of one chapter and the dawn of a new one in your life.

Perhaps it symbolizes a personal achievement or the start of a new phase in your life, marked by recognition and fulfillment.

The fact that your partner takes the bus while you decide to walk home creates an interesting contrast.

While she opts for public transport, you choose a more personal and introspective approach: walking.

This choice could illustrate a desire for independence, a desire for meditation or even the need to experience transitions at your own pace.

Stumbling upon another celebration where you're offered an abundantly garnished plate could symbolize reward, abundance and satisfaction after overcoming challenges and hardships.

Food, often interpreted as a symbol of spiritual or emotional nourishment in dreams, suggests that you are seeking or about to receive some form of personal gratification or enrichment that will complete your journey.

Waking up after receiving this plate of food signals that, even on the cusp of fulfillment or celebration, you are aware that there are still realities to face or goals to reach in your awakening.

It could also indicate that you're seeking satisfaction in aspects of your life that go beyond conventional successes, such as diplomas or official recognition.

Jamesley, this dream invites you to reflect on the transitions and successes in your life with gratitude and introspection.

It highlights the importance of celebrating your victories while remaining open to the simple pleasures and rewards inherent in personal evolution and exploration.

It also encourages you to value individual journeys, recognizing that every decision you make enriches your unique narrative.

We hope we've helped you.

Yours respectfully

William William



Jamesley 02/21/2024 17:22

70% satisfied but I'm even more observant of reality compared to your interpretation.
Thank you

William William 02/21/2024 17:41

Thank you for your feedback Jamesley. Please feel free to share with us what would bring you 100% satisfaction in your experience on the site in the future. We value your feedback. We hope to hear from you soon.

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