Music career with Future

Music career with Future




There’s this Artist in America names Future, Atlanta Georgia.

I had a dream he signed me to his record label. I had a couple of songs.

There’s nobody to help me. He inspired me and I looked up to him to switch from my old habits into a good one.

I decided to chase my dreams. Nobody can help me. It’s been me alone. But I’m too sure it’s real and soon.


Hello Michael,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It delivers a number of positive messages for your personal and professional development.

Don't worry about its interpretation. I will explain everything you need to understand.

Dreaming of fame reveals that you may have ambitions that are not attainable at the moment.

It is therefore necessary for you to review your life plans and change your strategy to achieve the success you aspire to.

This is a sign of your desire to succeed in life. And in this process, you are looking for a role model to motivate you further.

And since you've signed a contract with this famous singer, this heralds positive things on the personal and professional fronts. Among other things, great successes await you in the near future.

This is a sign of attachment to the things and people you care about. The contract in your dream is a symbol of the importance you give to your future, to the choices you make.

This dream may also mean that you need to make some crucial changes in your life. Your subconscious is telling you that you may need to vary your music by exploring new styles.

Dreaming about a signature brings happiness and success. It is also a symbol of your readiness to take on great responsibility.

Now you hold your destiny in your hands and have the opportunity to assert yourself more.

Michael, it is clear that your dream marks the end of a long period of instability in your life. New opportunities are opening up for you and not the least of them. So take advantage of this opportunity to be the best you can be.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Anne



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