Attend my parents' wedding.

Attend my parents' wedding.




I dreamed of attending my parents wedding, mind you my parents are not even together anymore.

When I heard the news that it's gonna be the night where my parents are going to be wedded I was very much happy.

But when it was time for them to be wedded I was not fully there to know how it was do


Hello Nely,

Your dream of attending your parents' wedding, despite the fact that they are no longer together, is a profound exploration of inner desires, emotions and resolutions.

The happiness you feel at the announcement of this symbolic event suggests nostalgia or a desire for reconciliation and family unity, perhaps reflecting a longing to see things differently in your reality.

Marriage in dreams is often interpreted as a symbol of union, reconciliation or new beginnings.

Seeing your parents marry in a dream, despite their separation in waking life, may indicate an inner need for peace, harmony or closure regarding their relationship and its impact on you.

It may also reflect your hope or idealized vision of their relationship, unconsciously wishing that things could have turned out differently between them.

The fact that you weren't fully present to see how the marriage unfolded perhaps underlines a part of you that recognizes the complexity of the situation or the limits of this desire for reconciliation.

It may also indicate a certain reluctance to face the reality of their relationship or to fully accept the circumstances as they are.

Nely, this dream invites you to explore your deepest feelings about your parents' relationship and how it has shaped your perception of relationships and love.

It suggests that, despite desires for reunification and harmony, it's important to recognize and accept the reality of situations and relationships as they are, while finding your own path to inner peace and emotional balance.

This dream can also encourage you to reflect on your own relationships and how you integrate the lessons of your family into your love life.

It's an invitation to seek harmony and understanding in your own relationships, while remaining open to healing and personal growth.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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