Someone's angry and scolding me

Someone's angry and scolding me




So I saw a dream where I was happy and relaxed with the girl whom I wants to marry.

But, her parents weren't happy and they being angry and scolding me.

What does that mean?


Hello Kulsoom,

Your dream plunges you into a universe where love and conflict rub shoulders, revealing the depths of your emotions and fears.

To find yourself in a moment of happiness and relaxation at the side of the person you wish to marry is a powerful symbol of your aspiration for a harmonious life together.

However, the intervention of this person's parents, expressing their anger and berating you, underlines an underlying tension, perhaps linked to concerns about acceptance and approval within family or social relationships.

This dichotomy between happiness with your loved one and the parents' displeasure could reflect your own apprehensions about how your relationship is perceived by others, especially those whose opinion matters a great deal to you or your partner.

The dream highlights a fundamental fear of not being accepted or of not meeting the expectations of others, a fear that can intrude even in our moments of greatest joy.

It's also possible that this dream invites you to explore the challenges and obstacles you might anticipate in your love journey.

The figure of the disgruntled parents may symbolize external obstacles or cultural, social or personal differences that you fear you'll have to overcome to realize your desire for union with this person.

Yet, in the midst of this emotional storm, your dream reminds you of the importance of the love and serenity you feel in the presence of your beloved.

It's an invitation to seek balance, dialogue and build bridges of understanding and acceptance, both within your couple and with those around you.

Ultimately, your dream prompts you to reflect on the strength of your commitment and the values you hold dear. It encourages you to face fears and uncertainties, armed with the certainty that true love has the power to overcome obstacles.

May you find the courage to face challenges, guided by the light of your love and the deep conviction that where there's a will, there's a way.

Your dream is not only a mirror of your fears, but also a beacon of hope and resolution.

Yours sincerely

William William



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