The clearing with my lover

The clearing with my lover




My lover and I were walking in the forest.

I was holding a red jacket in my hand that I kept dropping and he picked it up smiling.

We found this clearing where we could finally see the sun and it was a beautiful, almost magical place.

Before I woke up I noticed that it was him who was dragging my red jacket.


Hello Caroline,

Thank you for submitting your dream. It is very interesting and revolves around the one with whom you share your love life. This closeness with this man must have given you stars in your eyes.

It is important to know that this dream announces important changes in your life. I'll give you more details about the symbols it contains.

It is very common to dream about your loved one. First of all, you may see a part of yourself in your partner. This is the reason why this masculine part that is inside your being manifests itself.

Also, if in real life your partner is absent, this dream fills the void created by his absence. You may be projecting yourself into the future, imagining the wonderful moments that the future holds for you.

Dreaming of the forest symbolizes your unconscious. You may feel lonely and isolated. It is also possible that you are in a dead end on a personal or professional level. So be careful.

Another interpretation of your dream is the desire to escape from a life that is too stressful to find lasting inner peace.

Your subconscious mind is inviting you to master all your dark anxieties and to regain the strength of character that characterizes you.

Moreover, discovering a clearing while walking symbolizes joy and fortune. It is also the omen of a reciprocal love between you and the loved one.

The bright forest confirms that you are moving in the right direction and that you will be able to resolve the complex situations that will arise in your life.

Finally, the red jacket held by your loved one evokes a desire for sexual passion.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Anne



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