A nightmare in a church

A nightmare in a church




It all started when it was late at night and I was with my parents coming out of a charity store and out of nowhere I started to insult the store owner for the simple fact that he was talking to my dad.

Once outside I met two friends my parents went to another place, and with my friends they told me something about a church but I don't know what it was (that had already happened in another dream), after a few seconds we were already in the church I felt an evil presence behind me, having already arrived at my house I still felt that this presence was chasing me.

Once inside my house, my mother was on the couch and my father was outside the house, taking out the clothes.

I saw a man looking at me through the window with a big smile on his face, I quickly locked the door after my father came in and the strange man tried to force his way into my house asking for food, my father pushed him away and told him that we had no food.


Hello May,

Thank you for sharing this dream with us. Through this dream, your subconscious is enlightening you about your surroundings and your life choices. I give you the interpretation of all the symbols that are there.

This store where you are is a sign that you intend to lead your life differently by making unusual choices.

Leaving the store with your parents means that it would be wise to drop a project that is close to your heart or else it will not succeed.

Your insults to the store owner reveal your strong character. In fact, you do not like to be dominated by others and do not miss any opportunity to reveal your aggressive side.

Perhaps someone is planning to hurt you in real life. This dream is a sign that you will know how to defend yourself in any case.

In the same way, dreaming of insults can reveal that you will be confronted with a difficult situation. In this case, your subconscious mind is inviting you not to give up in order to win.

It is also a call to distrust your entourage, your associates who can be harmful to you.

In the continuation of your dream, you find yourself in a church with your friends. It is a place of calm that brings out your spirituality. You find a refuge there when the difficulties of life overwhelm you.

Therefore, you need to do some introspection to see where you are in achieving your goals and redouble your efforts to reach them.

May, the evil spirit that pursues you in church and in your home is the materialization of your fears. You may want to run away from something that scares you in real life.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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