Dreaming of a mother cat and her kittens.

Dreaming of a mother cat and her kittens.




Well before going to sleep I sat on the couch and meditated, but I ended up falling asleep, and in the dream I was the same way I sat on the couch, at night with the light off, but a feeling of something walking behind me.

Then I ran forward, but I felt as if something had grabbed my hand, did not hurt, when I looked it was a cat of 3 colors, Yellow, Black, White ... Her eyes were honey yellow...then she stared into my eyes, I felt something in my hand....

When I looked there were 2 kittens of the same color as the mother, in my hands, I held them and saw that one of them was looking at me, his eyes were blue, the other kept his eye closed.

I put them on the floor next to their mother, and looked around and realized that there were two more cats, one was gray with black stripes, while the other was white with orange ears, and orange stripes on his tail...

I want to know what was that? how did the dream imitate reality at that level? The way I went to sleep was in the dream, I think it was an astral projection, but I do not know ... I did not look at the couch, to see if my body was there ...


Hello Emerson,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It must have seemed strange to dream of cats of three different colors. Their presence speaks to your subconscious about your current lifestyle. Let me explain the symbolism of your dream.

The cats you saw in your dream have several colors. Indeed, this is not insignificant.

The color yellow symbolizes creativity, optimism and communication. This may indicate that you're in a period when it's important to express your ideas and be open to new opportunities that can nurture your creativity.

The color black is often associated with mystery, the unknown, or deeper, hidden aspects of yourself. Your subconscious is preparing you to explore unknown areas of your life. You need to work on aspects of yourself that you don't fully understand.

White is a sign of purity. It can also herald an imminent change in your life that seems to frighten you. You need to prepare yourself for this eventuality.

The kittens you've seen mean that you're currently experiencing difficulties in your life. Your subconscious also indicates a betrayal by someone close to you.

So be on your guard and very careful in your relationships, because there are people you've been close to who are hiding their true face from you.

This is a warning signal from your subconscious to show you the current state of instability in your life.

The kittens here represent renewal, rebirth.

So, if you decide to take charge of your life, nothing and no-one can stop you.

Finally, to see a gray cat in your home presages family problems. If you're single, this dream indicates that you need a woman's affection in your life.

Yours faithfully

Anne Anne



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