Pursued by a futuristic zombie

Pursued by a futuristic zombie

Catherine or



I dreamt that I was on a second floor, with many women, in the living room there were armchairs and sofa to sit on, in one of those a man appears, he only chases me, the side I go to he chases me. After a while, already a little scared, I told the girls who were there that I would go to the bathroom,

I went through the door, it was white and when I entered they shouted at me from outside to put the latch and I didn't do it, I realized that there was a staircase that led to the subway, I ran down it so he wouldn't catch me, I arrived at a kind of laboratory where some doors with a sensor opened and when I entered they closed,

There were many people (men and women) making me bar to enter soon and he will not reach me, I managed to enter, and the doors closed, he arrived and saw me through the glass and went crazy for not having me near him, his eyes turned blue, he was a half schizophrenic guy, mixed with a zombie of the future.

The doors managed to open and he grabbed me and I was very calm without fighting with him, I watched him and he sucked something from my legs, (shins) and said that what he was sucking me were my cells, electrons, molecules, etc. I did not feel pain, I just felt a lot of fear and there I woke up very scared, after taking all my energy so to speak.


Hello Cathérine,

Thank you for this dream. There is good news for you hidden in the message that your subconscious is revealing to you. However, you will have to take precautions regarding certain aspects of your life.

If you see several women around you, this symbolizes your self-confidence.

Your subconscious also wants to reassure you that even if you're going through some difficulties, you'll never be without support.

That man chasing you symbolizes your everyday fears.

It may also indicate that there's someone you're hiding from and don't want to meet in your circle.

Your subconscious is thus inviting you to put your life in order.

That's why you're running and fleeing in this dream, a sign that you're trying to escape life's worries.

You feel frightened because your subconscious is revealing a panic caused by an unstable situation caused by someone around you.

That bathroom you find yourself in is a good omen.

In fact, it symbolizes a certain happiness and a lot of luck on the sentimental level and in your projects.

It's for this reason that you're descending this staircase which leads to an underground passage, a sign that major positive changes are about to take place in your life.

This monster-looking man is a sign that you need to take care of your health. There may be some small worries on the horizon.

In the end, Cathérine, you need to clean up your surroundings and concentrate on what's really important, such as your health and the quality of the people around you.

Best regards,

William William



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