A demon chases me in my dream.

A demon chases me in my dream.




There was this very tall looked like a man at first until I seen his face.

What I would call a demon coming after me he was coming through the town he was as big as the buildings.

I was trying to escape I was scared in my dreams or night mare I always levitate up in to the sky to get away from danger.

But on this particular time I was weak exhausted I could nt levate so far away as I did in other nightmares or dangerous situations I barely got away.


Hello Jeannie,

Thank you for submitting your dream. Being chased by a demon is very scary and it must have disturbed your peace of mind. I give you in the following lines the meaning of your dream.

Dreams about demons are generally negative. Seeing a demon chasing you in your dream sounds like a warning not to be ignored.

Your subconscious mind is giving you a particular message about the existence of danger. To avoid a tragedy, you must be careful.

First of all, you may have certain memories from the past that are resurfacing, resulting in this feeling of fear.

Secondly, this dream indicates that you will be confronted with trials or conflicting situations that will trouble you.

You need to fight your insecurities and all the negative energies that are bringing you back into this fear.

Also, keep in mind that your thoughts can be your worst enemy if you are not careful. Some unresolved issues weaken you emotionally and you find it hard to cope.

Now is the time to overcome them; otherwise, those around you will suffer.

In your dream you see a demon as big as the buildings. Its size corresponds to an obstacle in your life that seems insurmountable.

Moreover, the demons in your dream can be the symbol of your doubts, uncertainties and attitudes that are harmful to your being. This explains your flight, because you felt threatened.

Finally, this dream invites you to face your fears. To do this, you must make new resolutions to abandon your current lifestyle. This will contribute to a lasting psychological balance.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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