Dreaming of an abandoned house

Dreaming of an abandoned house




I dreamed I was in a market and they locked me in a room.

I saw an abandoned house where an old lady lived and the lady in spirit was preparing breakfast for me, but when she disappeared, thieves came in to rob the house.

I ran away because they wanted to hurt me and I left.


Hello Daniela,

Thank you for your interest. Your dream is interesting and suggests a break with certain past events to face the future. I will explain the symbolism of your dream.

To begin with, your presence in this market is not insignificant. In fact, dreaming of a market is linked to a real situation in your life. You may be physically and emotionally weakened.

But your dream heralds future opportunities and exponential economic growth to fulfill your various needs.

In addition, your boldness in the face of certain daily challenges makes you a confident and unflappable person, no matter what the circumstances. You always take life in stride.

The second symbol in your dream is this abandoned house. It represents the current state of your mind. In reality, this symbolism speaks to your fear of abandonment and your insecurities. They make you feel vulnerable and depressed inside.

Do not neglect this emotional aspect of your life anymore and leave behind the bad habits of your past.

From this moment on, you will rebuild yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Imminent changes will occur to bring order to your life.

If you see an older woman in your dream, it is a sign that you are going through an important stage in your life. Her presence may be a symbol of your repressed feelings.

Also, seeing an old woman suggests wisdom and maturity. If you find yourself in a dead end, your subconscious mind is showing you the path to follow.

As for the sudden disappearance of this old woman, it reflects your fear of seeing your loved ones disappear one day. The burglary reveals your need for change in order to better assert yourself.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Anne



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