I dream of a woman with three legs

I dream of a woman with three legs




I dreamt yesterday that I was making love to my girlfriend but at some point I realized that I had three legs.

Although in the dream I missed that she had 3 legs, as I kept seeing her looking very pretty and as I love sex with her we kept making love.


Hello Toni,

Thank you for your confidence, it takes a lot of courage to share such a dream. That's why it's important to reassure you.

There is nothing disturbing about a sexual dream, even if it is enjoyed with a woman with three legs. It is a grace and not a reason for shame.

Sex symbolizes a union, an alliance, a symbiosis. Your dream has a perfect similarity with his needs, his lacks, his painful hindrances from your past.

Love with your girlfriend therefore sounds like a search for balance, pleasure, reconciliation with your body and your desires.

It testifies thus of the apogee of an internal conflict whose coronation allows you to become aware of your desires in order to better work for their concretization.

The three legs of your girlfriend in this dream only come to attest this effectiveness. You are not without knowing that the legs are the support of the body, all the more when it is upright.

Know that in your dream, these legs symbolize your unfulfilled desires, a part of your intrinsic identity that you will have to reveal to the world to evolve in your existence, on the steps of your destiny.

Toni, you must dare to be yourself. If you were still in doubt, this dream sounds like a reminder that you would be wrong to ignore.

The number 3, symbolizing the trinity, has for figure the triangle and the legs are synonymous with desires and advancement.

Simply imagine yourself in the middle of the triangle of your desires, of your intrinsic being (the self). Your humanity cannot blossom without its inner being, unless you set fire to denial.

Your success, the fulfillment and happiness of those around you therefore reside within you.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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