I receive a phone call from a mysterious woman

I receive a phone call from a mysterious woman




I got into a relationship with a woman but it didn't work out. We moved into the house where I grew up.

One day I was rushing out to buy something when I got a phone call from a girl I knew well but couldn't answer.

Suddenly a mysterious woman appeared and told me "the girl who does FOG training is a good woman."


Hello Arthur,

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us by sharing your dream with us. Such a dream carries a message from your subconscious. Everything seems to believe that you have uncertainties and a need to get in touch with a distant person. My interpretation will give you the precise connotation of the dream.

Dreaming of commitment can reveal your hope of getting married that is slow to materialize. On the other hand, if you are in a romantic relationship, getting involved with an unknown person in your dream means that you are experiencing difficulties with your current partner. And this situation is causing you to worry.

In addition, your emotions may be holding you back and putting you in doubt. You must therefore be careful and vigilant for your physical and psychological well-being. Above all, do not make hasty decisions because an event in your personal or professional life will change the course of your life.

Regarding the phone call, it means that someone wants to contact you. Not answering means that you want to keep a relationship or situation at a distance. This type of dream usually happens when there is a lack of communication with someone. You may need to deal with issues that you have been avoiding.

Arthur, if you had a mysterious apparition in your dream, it means that unexpected news will be coming your way in the near future. This dream sends you a signal to help you choose the best option. So do not be afraid and be confident. This is what justifies the words of this woman at the end. To sum up, this dream indicates that you must learn to trust yourself.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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