Operation in a gymnasium

Operation in a gymnasium




My spouse and I were at a restaurant with friends and family and my spouse decided to operate on his legs.

I help him and he feels no pain and there is no blood. He asked us to help him close the wound.

In a gym we look for utensils and an oxygen mask because he was starting to feel bad.

Then the security arrived and took him to the hospital saying that he had done pretty well. At that moment I live in my spouse's body.


Hello Meggie

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Most of the symbols in this dream are particularly relevant to you. Please pay attention to the revelations I will make to you, as you will certainly have actions to take.

Your spouse in this dream symbolizes an omen of good agreement. It is indeed the representation of feelings of love, affection, pleasure and various other things related to your life as a couple.

Also, the presence of your friends and family members in this dream symbolizes the support you have around you.

Through this dream, your subconscious wants to remind you that you are not alone in difficult situations.

This is the reason why you see this operation which symbolizes an external intervention on your psyche, like what, there will always be someone on whom you can lean.

This wound that you see is an alert from your subconscious that invites you to be aware of your impulses and how you should behave.

If you find yourself in this gym, it means you are trying to choose between two options. You need to learn to ask for help and accept help.

Your subconscious mind is inviting you to associate with energetic people.

You need to take the time to listen to others and not dismiss their opinions out of hand.

The security guards you see mean that you want to reassure yourself of something in your current relationship.

Your subconscious wants to invite you to take a good look at your happiness in your relationship.

This is the reason why your spouse is being taken to the hospital, it represents your need to improve yourself physically or mentally.


William William



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