Snakes are chasing me!

Snakes are chasing me!




I was in a sort of large room but I was high up. ( a bit like upstairs )...and I saw snakes approaching me. 3 snakes precisely, dark colors between green and black.

There were other people on the floor with these snakes but they didn't look worried and were just watching the scene.

At one point they (the snakes) all opened their mouths...

I got the impression they were crying from the noise they were making with their mouths open. I was terrified.

I was still high up and saw them coming towards me. I panicked and thought of jumping from the top floor, even if it meant getting seriously hurt or maybe even dying.

I saw no other solution. The moment I thought of jumping as they came towards me and climbed the walls...I woke up!


Hello Arnold,

You're right to submit this dream, which seems rather peculiar. Beyond the fear you feel at the sight of these snakes, I'm going to reveal the message your subconscious is sending you in this dream.

The room you're in symbolizes the difficulties you may be experiencing in your current relationships.

According to your subconscious, it also refers to financial losses and a decline in your self-esteem.

The snakes you see upstairs refer to your desire, especially sexual desire.

Your subconscious represents your libido and vitality in general.

Those people you see below with the other snakes symbolize a problem or secret you need to get out.

However, your subconscious is asking you to reassure yourself that you're entrusting yourself to someone who deserves your trust.

If the snakes you see are dark in color, this symbolizes a potential unfortunate event to come.

Your subconscious wants to alert you to the fact that your state of mind must be positive in order to attract the positive around you.

In this dream, the fear you feel symbolizes that there's a mistake you've made in your real life that sometimes seems to affect you.

That's why you feel like jumping off this floor, a sign that you're disturbed by certain changes in your current environment,
whether at work or in your life in general.

Ultimately, Arnold, this dream you're having is a subliminal message from your subconscious, alerting you to a number of upcoming difficulties.

So you need to work harder on your state of mind, which needs to be positive.

Best regards,

William William



Arnold.k 07/11/2023 18:16

Totally in line with what I'm going through right now. Thank you very much for this interpretation!

William William 07/13/2023 11:19

Hello Arnold, we're delighted that the interpretation of your snakes dream is right for you. Please do not hesitate to make another request if you wish to analyze another dream.

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