Strange dream in a cemetery

Strange dream in a cemetery




I was in a town that the river runs through, and my brother and I were in a church.

Then we went to a burial of a son of our friend, then we went to another place to open a grave and I came across a demon digging a hole.

He came after us but we managed to get out of the cemetery and lock him in.


Hello Isabelle.

Thank you for this dream that you are sharing with us. There is a set of past events that influence your present and future life. This dream is an alert, I explain everything to you in great detail.

The presence of your brother here is a sign that you will have to overcome problems, especially financial ones.

Your subconscious wishes to reassure you that whatever happens, your financial life will be stable and good.

The church here means that you are currently on the right path and enjoying good physical and mental health.

If you are committed to a project, you should go all out, for there will be a positive outcome.

This is the reason why you see this river which is a good omen. Indeed it is a symbol of joy and happiness in family.

This funeral you are attending symbolizes the resolutions you have made to move forward in life.

This being said, your subconscious wishes to invite you to accept the departure of some of your loved ones who have passed away.

This is also why you are digging this hole, it symbolizes all the challenges you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goals.

Only your past should not influence you.

It is in this logic that you see these demons. Indeed, they represent a feeling of guilt on your part and the consequences that this may bring in your life.

This graveyard refers to those fears you have in your mind and the worries you have about your future.

In the end Isabelle, you have untapped abilities right now, which is why you are being chased in this dream. Wake up.


William William



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