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Interpretation of dreams

Free dream interpretation. Share your dream and get a full interpretation. This is where you can share your dream to find out its meaning. You can also consult all the interpretations we have already done for free.

I had a dream about my...

Posted by Adriana - 3,5k - 0

It all starts with a...

Posted by Ninou - 2,7k - 2

I get mugged in the middle of...

Posted by YassG - 2,4k - 0

I lose a canine while eating...

Posted by Jessica - 2,3k - 0

I dreamed of a friend of mine

Posted by Calypso - 2,2k - 0

Dreaming of a man in a hat...

Posted by Udochukwu - 2,2k - 0

I dream of a little girl

Posted by Anaïs - 2,2k - 0

The preparation of my wedding

Posted by Lylaa - 2,2k - 0

I dreamed of my own wedding

Posted by Zara - 2,1k - 0

I dreamed of locusts covering...

Posted by Shantel - 2,1k - 0

I am a snake owner

Posted by Nathalie - 2,1k - 0

The King of Chains and the...

Posted by Kolbeinn Þór - 2,1k - 0

Dirty pit latrine at our...

Posted by Joflix - 2,1k - 0

I dreamed of a deadly spider...

Posted by Kolbeinn Þór - 2,1k - 0

The reaper was chasing me

Posted by Melissa - 2,1k - 0

The creek, the black water...

Posted by Trala - 2k - 1

Red stains on clothes and legs

Posted by Inam - 2k - 0

Dreaming of the number 66 on...

Posted by Nabil - 2k - 0

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